LFC International Academy NSW announces school partnership with Chatsworth International School

by Arun Raj on January 31, 2022

Liverpool FC International Academy today launched an exciting new partnership with Chatsworth School commencing in this summer.
Speaking at a launch event at the school, Academy General Manager Scott Collis says the new program at Chatsworth will bring the world-famous Liverpool Football Club to the Illawarra region for the first time.

“We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with Chatsworth School. Our aim is to work with the school to create a football environment for young players to develop both on and off the pitch.” Mr Collis said.

“We believe that well run, values based football programs like those delivered by Liverpool FC International Academies around the world can support stronger education outcomes and we are excited that Chatsworth shares that belief and will partner us in bringing that opportunity to their community” he added.

The Liverpool FC International Academy operates 30 locations globally engaging with thousands of players each year.

The clubs first Singapore program was launched in April and is unique in that it brings together the proven football methodology and philosophy of the Liverpool Football Club with the expertise and teaching resources of Singapore’s leading independent higher education provider for specialist degrees in Sport, Education, Health, Sport Business and Dance.
Programs will commence with free, 3 hour taster clinics in Singapore on the 20th of December before a weekly training program commences in term 1 of 2022.

Boys and girls, of all ability levels will benefit from a highly professional program which encourages them to improve their skills, whilst also developing life skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.

“Sport has a quite remarkably positive role in our community’s life; particularly team sports”says Chatsworth Principal Andrew FitzSimons.

“Somehow, ball skills are seemingly developed in utero ! Recess and lunch, before and after school, PE lessons and Thursday afternoon Sport; our students have quite wonderful ball handling skills. Boys and girls can run and catch, and kick and throw; without quite knowing that their skills are unusually adept.

I welcome this opportunity to explore a long term partnership with Liverpool FCIA.; feedback from all participants will help guide and shape.” Mr FitzSimons said.

“This is an extremely exciting time for us. We are really happy that Chatsworth be one of our first programs and the message for interested players, families and schools is to find us on social media and follow the links to register as a free member so we can connect you with upcoming events.

What we are creating is very different to what most people would see as a ‘normal’ football program. At the core of what we do is a belief in a holistic approach to development. Better people do truly make better players.

I can’t wait to see players at all levels across the Dapto community benefit from our unique program.” Mr Collis said.