Safe Sport is “an athletic environment that is respectful, equitable and free from all forms of non-accidental violence ...” - International Olympic Committee Consensus Statement (2016) 

What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is putting the safety and wellbeing of anyone under the age of 18 at the centre of what we do. We aim to create an environment where they feel encouraged; listened to; feel able to reach their potential, and to make a positive contribution to society.

You have the right to be safe wherever you are; at home, with friends, at school, out and about or at football. We want to ensure all our young players are safe and happy.

Everyone at LFC International Academy Singapore has responsibility to make sure that the wellbeing of children is put first.

Creating the LFC International Academy Singapore environment for Safeguarding

It is important that everyone at LFC International Academy Singapore feels safe and happy. We make sure that:

·         We have an environment where you can feel comfortable to tell someone if something worries you.

·         We take your concerns seriously.·          

·         Our staffs have special training and guidelines on the best ways to work with children by adopting Safe Sport Unified Code by Safe Sport Commission Singapore.

The purpose of the Safe Sport Unified Code and the Safe Sport Programme which supports it are to: 

• Safeguard participants in the sporting environment from abuse and harassment which undermine both the mental and physical health of participants and the integrity of sport 

• Harmonise and streamline the safeguarding efforts across the Singapore sporting ecosystem through organisations that are responsible for organising, administering and facilitating participation in sport 

Whilst guided by international frameworks, the Safe Sport Unified Code and Safe Sport Programme have been contextualised for Singapore sporting landscape and the sporting community through extensive consultations with sporting community stakeholders. 

Together, the Safe Sport Unified Code and the Safe Sport Programme form the national framework for safeguarding in sport. 

LFC International Academy Singapore Safeguarding Officer:

Darwin Jalil - Contact No: +65 8161 2396.   Email:

Mark Siddle - Contact No: +65 8710 6408. Email:

List of Approved Safeguarding Officers in Singapore: Click here

For further information on LFC's safeguarding policies and procedures or to report a concern please follow the link below.